Michael Doven: Latest Innovations in Producing Awesome Films

Michael DovenNeedless to say, there is a big difference in the quality of today’s cinematography as compared to the way it appears in the previous decades. Before, you will seldom watch movies that feature aerial actions. If in case there are, only a limited number of them is really impressive. Most of the time, you will get disappointed by the obvious camera tricks used in the movie. Well, good thing this just the thing of the past. These days, film making has really been brought to the next level. Films produced by Michael Doven are among the best examples that prove how innovative film making today has become. Doven shares a few secrets at how new film maker will be able to come up with unbelievable motion pictures. Here are some of them:

Use the latest technologies

Do you know how fantastic aerial shots are obtained? If you are thinking about climbing a tower or sending the cameramen on top of high-rise buildings, forget about it. You do not have to do any of these anymore. Instead of risking your life climbing high structures to capture an aerial action, why not just let your camera literally fly up in the air? Take it from Michael Doven. He has mastered the art of capturing aerial scenes the moment they actually happen. This is through the use of technologically-advanced devices, which include drones and quadcopters. Using these flying ‘toys’, one can simply attach a camera to the quadcopter, for example and record amazing top shots which are very difficult to obtain before. This is one of the secrets at how the National Geographic channel is able to closely document a flock of cranes during their actual flight. Similarly, this can also be used during actors’ aerial stunts.

Michael DovenAnother advanced gadget that film makers can use is the range finder. This perfect for ground scenes that are highly risky when shot closely. For example, it will be very dangerous to document a pride of hungry lions at a very close distance. In addition, it can be very dangerous for a cameraman to be capturing an explosion for an action movie very closely. The solution for this is a rangefinder. Using this tool, Doven has been able to get brilliant shots from a distance without requiring a camera crew to risk his life.

Michael Doven will not be able to produce films that really bang the movie industry without the aid of these techy devices. Take it from the expert and create the next high-grossing film in the industry.